5 Best Family Dentists In Miami

Family dentistry tackles oral health at each stage of life. Going to the dentist twice per year should be a requirement for each and every member of your family. If you are tired of your typical professional sending one to a different dentist each time your child needs a particular treatment, it is time to find a family dentist who will care for each and every loved one’s teeth.

From your child getting his very first few teeth to your aging mother transitioning in to dentures, a family dentist gives a wide range of benefits to your own families. We looked at 100 family dentists serving Miami and picked the best 4.

Addison Dental

Dr. Martin Fisher, DDS and Dr. John Addison, DMD provide family dental services in Miami. They utilize high quality substances and equipment, along with the practice was the very first Eco-Dentistry Top Certified division in Florida and is the only place known for offering treatment which concentrates on whole body health and a wholesome planet.


Dr. Fisher is among the few practitioners in Miami to Get a Masters from the Academy of General Dentistry and Dr. Addison is currently a part of the American Dental Association. As the pioneer in cosmetic dentistry at South Florida they focus in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, as well as more.

Gables Sedation Dentistry

The Miami dental associates at the gables sedation dentistry have served the neighborhood for more than two years, and the team is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Arabic.

The clinic was started in 1992 from Dr. Suzanne Abergel-Nahon. The clinic provides 24/7 appointments monitoring, electronic x-rays, and takes all insurance in addition to providing funding.

Alvaro Ordonez DDS


Alvaro Ordonez DDS Provides dental services for South Miami, Florida. Dr. Ordonez was in training for more than two years and retains over 5,000 hours continuing education. He’s regarded as among the most apparent dental surgeons on earth.

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Christopher Bob is a pediatric physician operating the South Miami community. Dentistry, ” he proceeded to obtain a specialization degree in pediatric dentistry out of That the Miami Children’s Hospital and is currently a Board Licensed Pediatric Dentist. Dr. Bob supplies Cosmetic dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry.

Ruby Garza

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