Are Impact Windows Worth it

In areas where storms and hurricanes are rampant, investing in an impact resistant window is the only way out. For many, it is a great turn of owing to the high price tag associated with impact windows. However, despite the high price, I can bet they are worth the deal.

Even so, many think that shutters and plywood wood suffice instead of impact window. What they do not know is that shutters occupy a lot of space. Also, they cannot withstand pressure from massive hurricanes which are destructive. The plywood and the shutters are also not ideal since they block lights from entering the room making it pitch dark.


There are many undisputable perks of using impact windows miami. Bearing in mind that it is a lasting solution to the hurricanes, it is the wisest decision you can make. Installing shutters before the storm can be both tedious and dangerous.

However, with impact windows, you have your property safeguarded from extensive damage. The impact windows will serve you all through even after the hurricane period. Some of the reasons why they are worth it include;

1. Investment

A home that has secured the impact windows is highly valued and is worth much in the marketplace compared to others. Installation of the impact resistant windows leaves your property safe and have a maintained value.

As a long-term investment, it is crucial that the house remains secure to avoid the impromptu damages hat storms can cause.

2. Safety all year Round

You do not have to do the last-minute things rushing to install the windows. The earlier, the better since once installed, they last for long. During the storm season, you do not have to worry about your kids getting scared while sleeping.

The windows reduce the noise from the hurricanes. Also, they are enough security when it comes to burglary. They are impenetrable hence warding-off unwanted intruders from your home.

3. Energy Efficient

The impact windows are thick and leak proof. Even though they are thick, they allow a substantial amount of light to penetrate. Also, they prevent harmful UV- rays from penetrating. The windows also serve to help cut back your energy costs.
By this, they help keep the atmosphere of the home cool to maintain a friendly environment even when it is unbearably hot from the outside. Hence, the windows suffice for long, keeping you, your kids and your furniture safe.

4. Savings

Besides scaling the value of your home, you become entitled to tax credits. The credits are for people who choose to be energy efficient. Thus, installing the windows will have you benefit from reduced insurance costs. Hence you get increased savings in the process due to lower rates of break-ins and hurricane damages.


Therefore, there is no good time to have the impact window installed. The windows never go out of season, and they will have your property protected from storms and bad weathers that may implicate long-life damages to your home and property. Install the windows now to reap impressive credits and savings for a long time.

Ruby Garza

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