Best Mold Removal Companies in Florida

Molds are a threat to human health and can be hazardous. Some of the health hazards caused by molds include eyes irritation, respiratory disorders, coughing and sneezing, difficulties in breathing among others. When there are molds in your house, they should be immediately removed before they cause danger to the inhabitants.

There are many reliable and good mold removal companies in Florida like the mr mold that won’t disappoint. Get more insights on some of these companies and their services below:

1. Rapid Mold Removal Company

This company is one of the few environmental specialists approved to carry out mold removal and cleaning tasks. It has its branches at the Sunny Isles Beach, Naples Florida, Orlando, Davie and most parts of America. It uses new technology and machinery to remove mildew and restore homes and businesses entirely.

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Their highly trained staff are among the best in the water and mold industry. There are unique processes which they follow to the latter to identify and effectively remove the molds in the shortest period depending on the size of the affected area.

Some of the services offered include sampling and testing, its elimination and home restoration together with air testing.

During remediation, in cases where water is also present, both water and the mold have to be removed to avoid further spread of this nuisance.

2. Home Angels

This professional water damage correction and mold removal company is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Their priority is to ensure they restore a client’s home to its initial state in the best of ways. Most of its workers are homeowners and understand how it feels to have such an environment with annoying molds.

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With this experience, they strive to ensure that they completely remove mold with maximum professionalism to satisfy client’s needs and restore the family’s happiness.

3. Servpro of Jacksonville South

This company is located in Jacksonville South and deals with fire and water problems. Since water and moisture problems cause mold, you can contact this company to help you completely remove them from your buildings.
Servpro has highly skilled staff who can handle any mold problems by use of their advanced equipment and unique techniques to deal with even the toughest challenge.

They also provide training for mold removal to their workers to ensure high-quality work.

The company’s mold removal process includes mold inspection and assessment, its containment to avoid further spread of the toxin then finally removal from the affected areas. After it is cleared, they perform air filtration to promote fresh air and clean items in the house. The home is finally restored to its original shape and clean surrounding.

4. Elite Mold Services

Most of this company’s services are offered in Central and Orlando Florida with more than ten years experience in the industry. They conduct visual mold inspection services to identify the causes and any presence of moisture in the buildings.


From inspection outcomes, they will then recommend the right sampling and testing techniques to help in coming up with the solution. Their particular testing techniques include air, swab, carpet and bulk sampling. They also perform ERMI testing to ascertain the mold infestation. They then recommend the right personnel to carry out the remediation process.

After the work is complete, Elite Mold Services will perform tests including air testing to completely remove all toxins and ensure the environment is fit for humans without causing any health issues.

5. Damage Services Inc.

Owned by family and former military staff, this company works strictly since they assume it is their place of residence. Its team has a positive attitude to promote good mutual understanding which ensures a client’s project is efficiently done to their satisfaction.

This company’s services include water removal, mold removal, and leak detection and correction to clear out the possibility of new mold infestation. With the help of their technologically advanced equipment, they are sure to deliver perfect work that won’t disappoint.

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