Do Impact Windows Break

Impact windows can be the ones especially if you live in a place that is prone to natural calamities. These windows are designed in such a way that they can withstand strong winds of hurricanes and also direct blows from wind brown branches. However, do impact windows break? Many people believe that impact windows offer an impenetrable barrier and cannot be broken. As a first time buyer, you may ask yourself if the glass of these windows can withstand even severe blows.

Impact windows can break since they do not impact proof but only impact resistant. The impact has been designed so that it can resist heavy wind blows and that is why it is used as a windshield for vehicles.


To understand what makes these windows strong it’s good if you know how it’s constructed. The impact windows have three layers. The outer layer is designed using glass, while the inner layer is designed using polyvinyl butyral compound. These layers are fused forming a durable and strong glass which can withstand continuous wind speed of less than 200 mph.

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Although the impact glass can break, the internal layer is there to prevent the glass from shattering the same way a normal glass will do. This implies that your windows will shatter and the glass will remain in place offering some element of safety before you can replace your windows. Due to this reason impact, windows are the best choice for the safety of your house and also in preventing any potential break-ins.

You can find hurricane impact windows on and get to learn more about their benefits and why you should install them in your house today.

Replacing your windows


In case you wish to replace your old windows with impact-resistant windows and doors, then you should ensure that you buy high-quality ones. Make sure you approach a contractor with experience since these windows have a different standard of quality. This ensures that you keep your family safe.

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