How Can I Secure My Home Without An Alarm?

Wanting to secure your home but do not like or find alarms unsuitable for your course? It is still possible to do so minus the alarms. We have compiled a couple of security equipment which may do even better jobs than the alarms in securing your home.


Lock doors and windows before leaving for a Journey


Before you depart your home for a journey, it is always a great practice to lock your doors and windows using the strongest padlocks. These are by far the two most common entry points to your home. It is also necessary that you change or rotate your padlocks every now and then.

Invest in a Guard Dog

Guard dogs are specially trained to sense any impending malice or security breaches and act accordingly. You should hence also consider investing in one of them.

Approach a good dog breeding company and let them help you to find the best dog of this kind. Use the dog to deter thieves especially at night.

Switch on Security Lights at Night

Always make it a standard practice to switch on security lights at night before you retire to bed. Needless to say, you also have to leave them on all night long. The same case should extend to the landscape lights of your happen to live in isolation. Would-be thieves will be deterred from attacking your home.

Reinforce Doors, Locks, Windows and other Hardware

Security Lock

As a long term measure, it is strongly advised that you reinforce your doors, locks, windows and other crucial security hardware. Doing so shall make them more difficult to breach and better suited to deter any thefts or security breaches. While at it, also consider upgrading parts and components with the latest devices.

Make use of Motion-sensing Lights

If you plan to go on vacation or leave your home for a longer duration of time, consider making use of the motion sensing lights.

Unlike your standard security lights, these ones will stay off at all times and only power when some suspicious motions are detected. Any thief who invades your home will definitely take off when this happens.

Install the CCTV Camera

As part of securing your home, you also want to install the CCTV camera. These shall keep accurate track of the movements of each intruder and record them. You may rely on these recordings later to get to know who may be stalking you. Moreover, such details may also come in handy while investigating any break-ins.

Take Care of your Landscape as well


Before a thief or intruder sneaks into your home, he will definitely hide within some comfortable distances from your actual home. It is for this reason that you also want to take care of your landscape as well. Get rid of any overgrowths or bushes which may serve as hideouts. To know how to do this, check this out…

Leverage Home Automation Techniques

A number of home automation techniques do exist which you may also consider leveraging. These are basically tools which allow you to control your home lighting, security lights, smoke alarms, CCTV cameras, and safety devices from a remote location. They in the course of so doing, aid you in responding promptly to any eventual break-ins.

Avoid Showing off your Valuables


As a last resort, you are also advised to avoid showing off your valuables. Definitely, potential thieves will usually be attracted by your smart televisions, high-end phones, latest digital cameras, and jewelry. By keeping these things out of their view, you give them no reason to plan to invade your home in the first place.


Having exhausted most of the strategies which you may use to secure your home without an alarm, we now leave it up to you to implement the recommendations. Since you are certainly not the only one who may have this problem, we also suggest this you share this info as wide as possible. Best of luck in your home security undertaking…

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