How Good Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Windows impact products cater the needs of its customers with their shatter-proof glass windows and doors, serving the ultimate purpose of protecting your home from damage brought by hurricanes.

Whether you need to replace your door or to build a new house, it’s never too significant an investment for Impact-Resistant Doors and Window. The design and structure of such windows and doors have changed dramatically for the past decade, giving you a stronger and more resilient product far superior than their predecessors.

What are they made of?

Modern impact-resistant glass sandwiches a laminated inner layer made of polyvinyl


What makes this genuinely hurricane-resistant is that it is stronger than a windshield. Its exceptional quality prevents it from shattering to bits when hit with heavy objects, avoiding too much air from penetrating a home.

Windows manufactures the highest quality aluminum impact-resistant window and doors.

Shutters are a cheaper alternative to high-end impact-resistant windows. But one good reason impact-resistant things work because there isn’t always someone around to close the curtains.

The Pros

Impact-resistant windows have many features, including:

Security and Protection

Impact-resistant products provide assurance and an added layer of protection to homeowners against intruders because of its strength. It may crack but hardly break. The elite impact glass naturally blocks off UV rays from the sun.

Noise Insulation

Its low air infiltration feature effectively insulates noise and allows less sound to pass through, making an environment quieter.


Aside from that, impact-resistant window and doors also protect the structural integrity of your home, reduce unwanted air and moisture accumulation, and improve energy efficiency. Most importantly, protect your home from hurricanes and some other things that come with it (i.e., rainfall and debris)

Impact-resistant windows manufactured by-products are built with special features with varying design pressures that make the shattered pieces adhere to the PVB film instead of fracturing into large sharp shards of regular, standard-glass windows.

For high-end impact-resistant window and doors, the window is your one-stop for your needs. They have for you an impressive line-up of windows, decorative and sliding doors with no shutters and meet the highest impact standards.

Windows is your local Florida authority for the modern hurricane impact windows. Windows manufactures products of heavy duty aluminum frame with double glazing panes. Impact windows and doors naturally act as insulators that protect your home from extreme weather, saving up on energy bills.

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