How Long Do Motorcycle Helmets Last?

A motorcycle helmet is made from durable materials. However, even if you don’t engage in an accident, you’ll need to replace it at its expiration date. In the market, most of the manufactures will recommend that you replace the helmet after every five years. Some others will support three years period.

For you to know when to do the replacement, you should first consider understanding the make-up of the helmet, and what wears out. When you know this, you can tell when to replace your motorcycle helmet.

The Construction; the materials used

Majority of the helmets get constructed using durable fiberglass, plastic, and carbon. Such materials will last for an extended period, and they offer maximum resiliency. If a helmet making consist of these materials, a simple drop on the ground should not cause any severe damages.


The inside should consist of dense foam that absorbs impact in cases of an accident. Also, a good helmet should have a moisture wicking liner to absorb any sweats and other moisture.

How do you know it’s time to replace the helmet?

To see if your helmet needs to get a replacement, check out on the following;

1. The Five Years Mark: keep the record of the number of years your helmet survives. You should make sure to replace your helmet after every three to five years. Beyond the five year mark, the mask might not offer the comfort expected if it gets used regularly in particular.

When you wear the gadget regularly, you expose it to harsh weather, UV rays and dirt. These elements seem not to have any effects on the structure of the helmet. What you fail to know is that they weaken glues and resins that hold the mask together. And this is the reason why even if you face no accidents, you should consider replacing your helmet after five years.


2. Previous Accidents: If you get into an accident, then you need to buy a new helmet right away. Once your helmet gets into an accident, you should have it examined and even X-rayed. Having a damaged headgear with you offers minimal protection. It also can be more stressing to wear a broken helmet as it reduces your comfort.

3. Damages on the comfort lining: when the inner lining starts to deteriorate, it is time that you consider purchasing a new helmet. It does not matter when it begins to flake into your hairs, but you should do it immediately.

Damages on the interior parts mean that the helmet is getting weak and cannot absorb the impact as expected. The interior of the headpiece will start to deteriorate before the exterior portion.

What Experts Say

The five years is a thumb rule that approximates the maximum number of years that you should consider using your helmet. However, if you get in an accident in the first year of using the headgear, you should consider replacing it immediately. Also, when the helmet starts to wear out, you should get it a replacement.

It means that how often to replace a helmet depends on personal judgment. The primary determinant of replacement time is how often you use the gear. It also will highly depend on the materials used in its making. Examine yours today, and see if it needs to get a replacement.

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