How Long It Takes To Clean Up The Space Of Suicide

A suicidal attempt is not only devastating to the family of the departed one. The entire process is painful and can leave a completely bloodied scene. The time taken to clean the suicidal crime scene may take a short time or a relatively long time.

The amount of time taken to clean up the space of suicide depends on the following factors.

The content that needs to be cleaned


Individuals use different techniques to commit suicide. Some suicide techniques leave the scene bloodied while others may leave the scene less bloodied. A scene full of human blood may take relatively longer. A suicide scene of a dangling body may take much shorter to clean. Taking down the hanging body takes a much shorter time than the suicidal crime scene of an individual with slit wrists.

Nature of the crime scene

Suicide is actually not as simple as it seems. The end crime scene may need an extra touch to get restored to its original state. A disorganized suicide scene requires more time to clean up.

A suspicious suicide crime scene takes more time to clean up because more pictures are needed to ascertain the validity of the suicidal crime scene.

The expertise of the crime scene cleaners

The time taken to clean up a suicidal crime scene depends on the skills of the experts dispatched by the crime scene cleanup agency. When seeking suicude cleanup services, you should contact the seasoned crime scene cleaning agencies.

Location of the Suicidal Act

Police LIne

Crime scene cleaners take the shortest time possible to arrive at the crime scene and commence the process of cleaning up the scene. Accessing remote locations may take a relatively long time and eventually resulting in longer cleaning time of the suicidal crime scene.

Cleaning materials that are used to clean the crime scene

The stains in a crime scene are cleaned using specialized equipment and detergents. Suicidal cleanup agencies use different appliances to make the crime scene sparkling clean.

Traditional equipment and detergents may take relatively long to make the crime scene sparkling clean.

A suicide scene may take a short or a relatively long time to clean depending on the crime scene and the cleaners that you hire to clean up the scene. To get quick desirable results, you should seek the services of a certified and seasoned crime scene cleaning agency.

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