How to Clean your Home Efficiently

Every home gets dirty, and there is no one way to clean your home, but there are of course smarter ways to get the job done efficiently. You need to be able to clean your house without spending much time, without using more energy and without using more resources. If you follow the following steps, your guests will compliment you every time they leave your home.

Don’t focus on one area

One of the biggest mistake people make when cleaning is cleaning room by room, a technique popularly known as Zone Cleaning. Cleaning room by room is fine; you will probably do a super job, but it is much slower. You may end up clean your living bedroom in four hours, the same four hours you could have used to clean your entire house. Do one task at the same time; so, if it’s dusting, dust the whole house, then start the next task. You won’t walk that much, so you will be saving a lot of energy.

Dust the house first

Dust the house firstDusting should always be your first step; dust everything from furniture to shelves, picture frames, to screens. Using a duster is much easier than a piece of cloth, either way, make sure you dust thoroughly. Make sure though that you shake your duster in the middle of the run throughout your house.

Clean Glass surface using the spray cleaner

Doing this is a no-brainer; you only need to wipe mirrors, window and TV screens. Paper towel may not work well for you, so, use a professional grade window squeegee. It will give you a perfect shine on your glass surfaces. Don’t clean the surface in circles; this will leave streaks, and don’t wipe the glass with the newspaper since this will leave a residue. Use a horizontal stroke and moves your cloth of squeegee from top to bottom.

Clean Furniture Fabric

Clean-Furniture-FabricGo through the house and remake beds, pillows, and furniture blankets, then brush furniture surface with vacuum extension. Alternatively, you can wipe them with dusting spray and a microfiber cloth. Clean all the surfaces and counters as your clean furniture, disinfecting if necessary. Be sure to clean every place where a finger touches like the door knobs, light switches, and TV remotes.

Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

Starting with the bathroom and kitchen makes someone think that everything is clean, so it’s a good idea to end with these two. Wipe down everything sinks, toilets, tubs, and inside the microwave, cabinet, and fridges.

Vacuum the house

Mop all the floors and stairs. It’s a good idea to do the bathroom floor with your hand and knees on the floor, this way you will reach every corner of the room. Vacuum your way out of the bedroom, downstairs to the living house and the way out of the house.

Home cleaning is a process, and without a plan, you may find yourself spending the entire day cleaning it up. Be strategic clean the whole house rather than room by room, make sure that the products you use are environmentally friendly or natural and if the works seem too much for you, then hire a home cleaning service.

Ruby Garza

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