How to Create High-Res Gigapixel Photos

Have you ever wondered how those jaw-dropping high-resolution panorama of landscape and architecture images are created? Well, the images are created by simply stitching together individual images of a scene. each individual photo is only a section of the scene and a few dozens of pixels. Nonetheless, after the images are combined together, the resultant image represents an entire scene with a resolution of Gigapixels.

Creating a high-resolution gigapixel requires a photographer to have some good skills. From getting the best shooting angle to having a good eye for the subject, there is the unique style you should employ to get high-resolution images.

Location and Scouting

Every good image starts with a great deal of brainstorming and scouting the location. For any given subject, there should be perspectives and conditions to note of before embarking on shooting.

taking picture

To get some best scenes out of a location, you need to plan for the photo shoot out with a keen awareness of how the time of the day, weather and other factors can affect the outcome of your image. Once the images are taken, the remaining process merely creates the final product as you visualize it in your mind.

Exposure techniques

Exposing the matrix of the photo that needs to be stitched together can be a daunting task, however, there is no need to worry since it can be taken from anywhere. Unlike normal photographs, gigapixel images should have an exceptional resolution. As a photographer, you should always pay attention to detail at any given point.

Whether you are calculating the focal length of the photos or establishing the sharpest point of the image, you should be keen to get the best out of your image.

Raw Image Data Processing

Once the images are ready, they need to be processed and stitched together. The whole process depends on the algorithms that once is using. Regardless, there is a need to maintain the resolution of the image. Losing the resolution might lead to a blurred image.


When stitching the images, always ensure that you have the individual images are aligned together carefully and smooth blending to each frame applied.

Advanced Blending and Editing

Once the images are stitched, you can use a software of your choice to blend and enhance the target scene. This process ensures that the image gets a smooth and fine touch that is appealing by adding some tonal range of colors. The resultant effect is an aesthetic and high res image.

Summing up

If you are looking to shoot the best high resolution photos, you will need to work on you shooting skills as well as select a good subject that can be stitched to provide a good view of the scene.

Although the photos may be taken using different angles and resolutions, when placed together and neatly stitched together, the resultant effect is a classic image.

High resolution images can be achieved through having individual pieces of images stitched together to represent a scene. When taking shots for High Res images, the focus should be on taking small individual images with a good view and clarity.

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