How to Keep a Clean House

The Bureau of Labor Statistic states that American spends at least one hour every day cleaning the house. But with other daily activities in between, keeping a home clean can be one of the toughest things for many people. Most people clean their home daily, but if you visit five of your neighbors today, you will realize their home is just messy. It may seem impossible to manage the chairs of everyday life and keep the house clean, but with some easy tips, you can keep your home in order at all times.

Clean everything after use or keep it away.

The mess you see on your house begins when you fail to put away your belonging after you use them. So today, enforce a rule in your home to the rest of the family members that anything that’s use should be cleaned or put away where it belongs. It may seem a simple principle, but it can be the hardest to enforce especially to kids. You may not have time to clean things up, but your house will be clean when you apply this principle. It will also take less time to clean things up when each one is put in the right place.

Make your bed.

Make your bed.If your bed is unmade, everything looks messy, so make your bed every morning and teach your kids to do the same. It may be a good idea to simplify your beddings, this way, making the bed may not seem such a hard task.

Deal with everything that comes through the door

If the mess in your house comes from outside, then it is high time you consider a ‘landing strip,’ a place where everything that comes through the door will be placed. This way, it will be much easier to keep everything in order. Make it your mission to reduce the clutter that comes through the door and one the moves from the living to bedroom. Pick all belonging whenever you leave a room, bring your shoes when going upstairs, and take the dirty laundry where they need to be.

Wipe up every mess as it happens

This is another simple principle that will always keep your home clean. Don’t leave any spills or small stains unattended; they will be hard to remove later on, so clean every mess after it happens. Just take a few seconds to wipe them or appropriate stain remover. If the spill occurred without your knowledge, let a professional home cleaner do the job. It would be much safe for your carpet or upholstery.

Clean your kitchen several times in a day

Clean your kitchen several times in a dayThe kitchen is the one place with more traffic, so its floor collects more dirt, and debris, so, take a few minutes to sweep the floor and counters. You will not see dirt getting dragged to your house.

Keeping your house clean at all times is not among the life’s many mysteries, all it requires is a little effort from you and the rest of the family members. Some of these tips may seem simple, but they are hard to implement. Once they become a habit, your house will always look clean.

Ruby Garza

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