How to Protect Your Kid from Bullying

Statistics reveal worrying trends in the incidences of Bullying in the U.S. Studies have reported an estimate of 25% of youths as victims of this vice. 19% of elementary school kids have also reported being bullied. These statistics show that bullying is a national disaster in the U.S. The same results or even worse are recorded in both developed and developing countries worldwide.

Because of the high prevalence of this vice in our schools and the general society, it‘s crucial that parents are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to empower their children to avoid becoming victims of bullying or engaging in the same. Bullying can be physical, emotional, social, or online.

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Physical BULLYING includes acts like; pushing, poking, kicking, hitting or beating up. Relational or social BULLYING can be in the form of spreading rumors, excluding, or hurting. Verbal BULLYING comes in the form of name-calling, threatening to harm, yelling, insulting and taunting. Cyberbullying is expressed in sending hurtful images or messages by phone or internet. Bullying leaves your child depressed, hurt, hopeless, guilty, afraid, isolated and ashamed.

As a parent, you have a pivotal role to play in reducing the incidences of BULLYING. These are some ways you can use to protect your kid from bullying.

• Empower your kid on bullying

Most children do not report cases of BULLYING to their parents or teachers. Your child needs to know what bullying is. A smile conflict between two kids cannot be defined as bullying. It is, therefore, necessary that each parent informs their children what bullying is.

Bullying is done by and an individual who assumes to be more “powerful” or “smarter.” It is a repeated act that is aimed at harming or demeaning the other party. Get in-depth knowledge about this vice before discussing with your child.

. Listen to your child

A child that has an open relationship with their parent are more likely to report cases of bullying that those who view their parents as distant to them. Develop a close relationship with your child. Each day after school, it should be your habit as a parent to ask your child how their day was and if anyone hurt them.


If you discover any form of BULLYING, take the appropriate action. If the act occurred in school, report the case to the administration. At the same time, your child needs emotional support. Help the child to know how to respond to the vice proactively. If possible seek counseling for the child.

Besides, watch out for warning signs. Any changes in your child’s behavior could be a hint they are victims of bullying. If they dislike school or other group activities, they are oversleeping follow up the matter to know what is happening to the child.

• Train your kid social skills

It is essential for a parent to train their children social skills. You can try role-playing on social issues such as how to join a game, how they should introduce themselves, other kids, how to respond to queries on how to avoid abusive language.

A child who has excellent verbal skills is less likely to be bullied. At the same moment encourage the kid to join clubs and groups they enjoy.

• Get involved

You can engage your child’s school to know if they have an anti-bullying curriculum. If possible, create awareness on the vice. You can collaborate with the school to organize a talk about bullying. You can also hold a talk in your church, sports club, neighborhood or any other relevant venue. Invite a parent, other children, and the appropriate authorities. Work with other parents and teachers to make sure that anti-bullying policies are implemented. Security cameras or student leaders should man high-risk areas in the school.

Parents are instrumental in fighting the rising case of BULLYING in children. Talk to your child and support them in case they are victims of bullying. As a parent, be involved in initiatives that promote awareness on bullying and ways of preventing the vice. If parents take center stage in the fight against bullying in our schools and society, we will experience a marked reduction in the cases.

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