Improvisation Games For Developing Emotional Intelligence

Reflecting on our internal experiences after participating in an improvisation exercise gives a chance to choose whether our emotional habits are both powerful and helpful or outdated and overburdened. The anxieties of this imaginative process and this type of social interaction are a fast-track to higher self-awareness, which is related to high emotional intelligence.

Below is a group of the exercises we’ve utilized from the workshops, followed closely by a few research that supports their usage.

I Did It! Exercises: Words and Music


Reflect on an individual experience with “after the Dread” that turned out nicely that shows just one of the tenets of both improvisation and mental intelligence; Construct team cohesiveness through private sharing; Expertise that the team service and the “audio” of an interaction, that is essential to understanding mental intelligence. click for more info.

Silent Cirle of Support

Each player requires a turn walking together with eyes shut in a Circle composed of the remaining portion of the band. It starts with turning around a couple of days with eyes shut, at the middle of this ring, then walking right ahead.

The team is accountable for making certain the individual walking is encouraged, secure, and cared for.

There’s always the danger that someone from the group will probably wreck up, or the men and women who live in the circle won’t operate together in a coherent manner (although I’ve yet to find happen). Especially with children, there’s always the risk it may occur and we need to get ready to process anything which goes wrong when it will.

Game: What Am I Doing?

The primary player of this line measures to the group and begins miming an action. Whenever the action is apparent, player 2 inquires ‘What do you do?” The player Answers something which doesn’t have anything to do with that which he’s really doing.

Light On Chalkboard

E.g. if Participant 1 is cutting a person’s hair, if asked what he ‘so doing he could state “I’m studying the paper”. The next participant begins miming the Action stated by the preceding player. A third participant comes around player two, asks what he’s doing, etc. Perform until everybody has mimed something, and has answered this query.

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