What Are The Side Effects Of Using Sunscreen?

It is always advisable to wear sunscreen when going out on a sunny day. This is important as it prevents us from skin cancers, premature aging sunburns. But still, there is some side effect of using chemical sunscreens which poses risks because of the medications used like the Sulfa, tetracycline and phenothiazine drugs in this article shall discuss some side effect.

How to use Sunscreen.

-Apply over the exposed skin
-Do this early enough like an hour before going to the sun
-Please always reapply the sunscreen after sweating or swimming.
-Even on an indoor activity re-apply the cream after every 4 hours.

Here are some of the side effects of sunscreen

1. Allergies

The sunscreen is made of chemicals which may cause some chemical reactions to our bodies like swelling, redness, irritations and skin itching.

Smiling woman applying sunscreen to face

The allergic reactions differ from one person to another as some develop some severe reactions and rashes. This is as a result of the chemicals found in the sunscreens like the preservatives and the fragrances.

2. Make Acne worsen

Some people have acne prone skins, and some chemicals in the sunscreen products may even worsen this problem. To deal with this problem, I would advise you to use the sunscreen which is non-oily and non-comedogenic.Avoid using the body sunscreen on the face as they ate too heavy.

3. Eye Irritation.

If a sunscreen gets into contact with your eyes, they cause severe pains and irritations, causing the burning and temporary sensitivity to light. There are some claims that they may cause blindness, so it is wise if they get contact with your eyes to wash thoroughly using cooled water or see a doctor.

4. Risks of Breast Cancer.

beautiful woman smears face sunscreen at the beach for protection

According to recent studies, it was discovered that sunscreen has ingredients that have estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells. And some even affects the blood estrogen levels. Always avoid using these chemicals on children bodies as they absorb the chemicals instantly.

5. Pains in Hairy areas.

The sunscreen is available in different forms like the lotion, sprays, creams, gels and wax sticks so the choice one you are comfortable with. The Gel is best for hairy areas as others may lead to drying or tightening of the skin thus causing pains in hairy areas.

How to avoid these side Effects.

-wash the sunscreen and stop using it if it causes irritation or redness on your skin.
-Always visit a doctor to get advice before using a certain sunscreen.
-Reapply the sunscreen after every two hours if you are on an outdoor activity for long hours.
-If using the lip balm type apply on the lip areas.
-When selecting a sunscreen for your children do it carefully.
-Don’t use the sunscreen to a child below the age of six months.

In conclusion, we can say there are many side effect of the sunscreen, but the best way to avoid some of this effect is by following doctors’ advice and using natural products which are chemical free. If you realize that your skin has started turning pink, then that is a sign off of sun damage so find a shade soonest possible or they the natural sunscreens. The best way to avoid sunburns is by staying in the shade and wearing a hat and long clothing. If you are worried about damage, then this is the way to go.

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