What Happens During A Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a crucial oral hygiene procedure recommended by dentists. The process involves the elimination of dental plaques and tartars from the teeth. This, in return, helps prevent various dental diseases such as the cavities, gingivitis, and many others.

Do you know what happens during the process of teeth cleaning?

It is also crucial to understand the steps that take place in teeth cleaning. It can help you prepare well for your next dental visit, satisfy your curiosity, and even calm your nerves.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

1. The examination.


The first step taken is to examine the patient’s entire dental structure before beginning the dental cleaning procedure. This procedure can be carried out by a dental hygienist or dentist. The purpose of this step is to check if the dental parts are affected by any gum diseases. The dentist/ dental hygienist uses a small mirror to get a clear view of the oral areas. Ones the physical examination is done, the dentist may also ask you various questions which include;

ยท If you have teeth sensitivity, Bleeding gums, and any other dental issue you may be experiencing.

2. Digital X-ray.

This step is mainly carried out in new patients as it helps the dentist to get a clear and better examination of the dental parts. The X-ray helps detect even the tiniest teeth and gum issue, including any bone loss.

3. Plaque and tartar removal.

After the examination, the dentist removes the plaques and tartars from the gum, and in between the teeth. Note that the tartars result from the plaques which have built up for a long time. So, you can prevent them by brushing and flossing the plaques regularly. The process of tartar removal involves scrapping, which can be a bit uncomfortable, especially for first-time patients. You may also experience gum bleeding and mouth sore after tartar removal.

4. Brushing.


After removing all the plaques and tartars on the teeth, the next step requires deep brushing of the teeth to remove all the stains. This procedure is carried out using an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste. The electric toothbrush, together with the toothpaste helps to achieve a deep cleaning, especially in between the teeth, thus, leaving them shiny and smooth.

5. Flossing.

Flossing is essential to achieve a deep and complete oral cleaning. The dentist recommends the right techniques to follow when flossing. The dentist may guide you on the places to pay more attention to when flossing.

6. Rinsing.

Rinsing is recommended during this process to get rid of all the debris from the mouth. The rinsing is done using a special fluoride.

7. Fluoride treatment.

This is a treatment carried out to aid the teeth to fight against cavities and other teeth diseases. Fluoride treatment uses a sticky paste or gel which is left to sit on the mouth for a while before rinsing off.


These are the vital steps that the dentist or the dental hygienist carries out when cleaning the teeth. Carrying out a final examination is critical to check if the teeth are well aligned or check any issue not detected during the first inspection.

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