What Is Medical Marijuana Used For

More countries are passing Legislation that allow individuals to utilize medical marijuana. So what exactly does it cure, and who can and ought to use it? Anxiety is the primary reason people Request a prescription, States Barth Wilsey, MD, a pain medicine specialist in the University Of California Davis Medical Center.

It might be out of migraines, a disease such as cancer, obesity, or even a long-term illness, including glaucoma or nerve disease.

If you reside in a country where medical marijuana is legal along with your physician believes it might help, you are going to find a “bud card” You’ll be placed on a list which lets you purchase marijuana from a licensed seller, referred to as a dispensary.

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana


You will find more than 60 peer-reviewed studies examining the benefits of medical marijuana. Sixty-eight percentage of those studies found advantage while 8 percent saw no advantage. Twenty-three percentage of these studies were neutral. Most research was conducted on the chemical CBD. The advantages of medical marijuana could be credited to binding into the endocannabinoid system. It has many benefits such as:

• promoting neuroplasticity

• Emotional and cognitive modulation including digestive function, vascular function, appetite, motivation, and learning.

• modulating the immune system

Additionally, there are some studies suggesting cannabis for weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Your body makes marijuana-like compounds that influence Stress, inflammation, and a number of different processes.

Risks and Limits

Medical marijuana isn’t regulated like FDA-approved medicines. When using it, then you do not understand its capability to induce cancer, its own purity, effectiveness, or unwanted effects. Just those that have a card by a physician should make use of medical marijuana. Doctors won’t prescribe medical marijuana to anybody under 18.

How do you get medical marijuana?


In countries where medical marijuana is legal, stores, frequently known as dispensaries, sell bud products in many different forms. Medical Bud is offered in raw forms (biscuits or sweets), extracts and oils, and since the plant that could be smoked or inhaled. Dispensaries need a medical marijuana card until they’ll sell goods. The way people can find a Medical marijuana card varies from state. It takes a prescription in the accredited health-care professional.

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