What Is The Recovery Rate For Drug Addicts?

Drug overdose has become the order of the day in the united states consuming close to forty-four thousand four hundred persons yearly. According to the Centers for disease control, one hundred and fourteen people die daily due to drug abuse and an estimated six thousand eight hundred drug abusers are ferried to emergency quarters for treatment.

According to statistics, eighty-five percent of patients relapse within the first year in therapy while close to two-thirds of these population returning to drug abuse in weeks after beginning the addiction treatment.

If you are mulling over-recovery or you’ve already commenced your expedition to sobriety, you’ve stumbled upon some horrifying statistics about residential treatment, inpatient treatment, outpatient drug-free methods used in rehabs as well as a detox method. Below are the is a breakdown of all these addiction treatments and their recovery rates.

Inpatients Treatment



Inpatient treatment involves rigorous counseling and medication for around thirty-one days in a drug addiction rehab center. This treatment costs approximately three thousand two hundred dollars on average. According to research, Seventy-three percent of patients’ complete treatment but only twenty-one percent of these population remain sober after four years.

Residential Treatment

This treatment aims at altering an addicts’ lifestyle in an average of seventy-one days, and it focuses mainly on the community.

Peer counselors come in handy during these as opposed to medical practitioners and medication. Fifty-one percent of the patients complete this treatment with twenty-one percent of these patients remaining sober after four years.

Detox Treatment

Detox medication relies solely on medication combined with psychological treatment. This treatment takes approximately two hundred and twenty-seven days. Only thirty-three percent of the patients manage to complete this treatment according to research with seventeen percent of these patients remaining sober after four years.

Outpatient Drug-Free Treatment

This treatment lasts for one hundred and sixty-four days. Patients are exposed to more counseling sessions as opposed to medication. Forty-three percent of the addicts can complete this treatment with eighteen percent remaining sober after four years. These treatment costs around twelve hundred thousand dollars.


Looking at these numbers, one can indeed wonder if drug rehab works for less than a quarter of these drug uses abstain after four years. Yes, these rehab facilities work. I know for most people treatment is said to be useful if the addict abstains completely from drugs and stays clean. However, it’s a little more nuanced than what these people think. Efficacy of treatment can be assessed through:

• Reduced use of the drug.
• Improvement in education.
• Better mental and physical health.
• Relationship improvements.
• Improved public safety.
• Better legal position.

Hopefully, the information above has given you an idea on the recovery rates for drug addicts. Different rehab methods suit different types of addictions, choose what suits your addiction, family, and finances. It’s also important to integrate different rehabilitation methods until you find one that is fit for you. Drug rehabilitation is ultimately worth it: to your life, job, finances, safety, relationship, and health as well. To overcome the addiction challenge, patients require to have a lifelong commitment and the willingness necessary to achieve total sobriety.

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